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An Insider Look at our Oh-So-Soft, Huggable Alpaca Pallay Throw Pillow!

Pallay alpaca throw pillow on the loom with little girl
Discover our Pallay alpaca throw pillow in this insider's sneak peak into the design inspiration behind this decorative pillow, how it was made and the weavers who bring it to life.
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The Chaska Baby Alpaca Poncho: A Behind-the-Scenes-Look

The creative process at Threads of Peru combines ancestral traditions and artisan creativity with a modern eye. Like the Chaska Baby Alpaca Poncho, all of the items in our Quechua Collection showcase and value traditional skills and techniques, and support rural indigenous artisans, like Demesia.Read more

Bridging the Gap

I paid the taxi driver 4 Peruvian soles when he dropped me off at my final destination in Cusco: the Threads of Peru office. I carefully unloaded my MacBook Air and journal onto the desk that would be mine for the next three months. I came from Berkeley, California to Cusco, Peru to be Threads' Social Media intern, meaning I manage Threads' Social Media platforms and build the online community. I connected to wifi, checked my email, and was ready to go.

About two hours into my internship, my project director, Dana, announced one of the artisans, Roberta, was coming in from the community of Uppis to discuss different color yarn options. So there I was, first day on the job sandwiched between my lap top and an indigenous artisan who graciously gifted me with an intricately woven bracelet before she left on a four hour bus ride back to her community. 

3 boys from the community of Chaullacocha. Photo by Stephanie Pardi

3 boys from the community of Chaullacocha. Photo by Stephanie Pardi

Little did I know that moments like these would become a regular occurrence during my time interning with TOP. Though I have been here for two months now, I am perpetually astounded by the contrast between my work of updating Threads' Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in an office setting and interviewing the artisans at a field 4,800 meters high. During the weekdays, I step over tangled extension cords, and on the weekends I step over brightly colored threads being warped for weaving. The kids in the communities sheepishly giggle as we take "selfies" on my iPhone, and I coyly laugh as the women try to teach me the art of spinning alpaca wool into thread that they have long mastered. 

Taking an iPhone "selfie" with 2 kids in the schoolhouse of Chaullacocha. Photo by Olivia Campus

Taking an iPhone "selfie" with 2 kids in the schoolhouse of Chaullacocha. Photo by Olivia Campus.

At times, I can't help but feel that my internship exists in two distinct worlds, the artisan's world, and the world of technology. I will feel this way sitting in an artisan's backyard with snowcapped mountains as the backdrop of this setting, and then a weaver will get a phone call, answer her cell, and start laughing and chatting away. At this point, I feel my own phone tucked away in my pocket, and realize that perhaps our worlds are not so far apart after all.

Post by Stephanie Pardi, Social Media Intern.

Announcing the Launch of Threads of Peru's 2013 Wholesale Catalogue!

Are you a retailer who is interested in high quality hand-made goods, traditional culture, natural materials and the principles of fair trade? Are you a business-person looking to invest in some traditional artwork for corporate headquarters, or a hotel owner looking for new, ethical and culturally-inspired decoration ideas?

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Poncho Models

This catalogue features some of our finest and most highly sought items, a refined selection curated from the regular collection of textiles featured on our website and online shops. 


 Here at Threads of Peru, we aim to offer a more authentic and sustainable view of fashion, one that interconnects textiles, people, and the world, according to the principles of the worldwide Slow Fashion movement. [border] Slow Fashion is about providing a more sustainable future for the textile and clothing sector, linking fashion with awareness and responsibility, shifting value away from consumption to a conscious valuation of quality and durability in the products you buy and use.

Weaver hand


 Each Threads of Peru textile is carefully woven one at a time according to centuries of tradition. Our products foster ecological and cultural integrity, as we focus on producing unique pieces from 100% natural materials.

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