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An Insider Look at our Oh-So-Soft, Huggable Alpaca Pallay Throw Pillow!

Pallay alpaca throw pillow on the loom with little girl
Discover our Pallay alpaca throw pillow in this insider's sneak peak into the design inspiration behind this decorative pillow, how it was made and the weavers who bring it to life.
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Why Ethical Fashion Matters

Renewing our partnership with Jennie in 2018 will build on the relationship she established with the weavers last year, further showcase the skilled craftsmanship of these incredible artisans and create a sustained income for indigenous women in remote communities. Read more about the impact our Design a Brighter Future campaign will make on the lives of Andean artisans, their families and their communities.

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Featuring the Peruvian Alpaca Poncho

Threads of Peru’s line of alpaca ponchos, part of our Quechua Collection are rooted in Andean culture and steeped in history. The Andean poncho is a traditional item of Andean dress that may date back to some of the earliest pre-Incan cultures. The poncho is composed of two rectangular pieces of fabric woven on the backstrap loom, each piece the width of the weaver’s body. The two pieces are subsequently sewn together, leaving an opening in the middle of the seam for the head to pass through. When worn, the poncho covers most of the upper body, protecting one from the cold, while still allowing free movement of the hands and arms.

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How We Met: Upis Weavers

In late 2012, I was on the lookout for another weaving association to add to our growing network. On a routine trip out to Ollantaytambo on public transit, I happened to notice a sign advertising an upcoming artisan fair that would be held just outside Chinchero. "Amazing!," I thought. "Perfect place to meet some new weavers."

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The Awaq Shoulder Bag: Weaving Technique that was Nearly Lost

Awaq alpaca peruvian shoulder bag
 The AWAQ shoulder bag with front pocket is a technical feat of weaving ingenuity, composed of one continuous piece of weaving! That’s right: unlike every other bag out there, that practical front pocket is NOT a separate piece sewn onto the main bag, but rather a part of the main weaving. This traditional technique was brought to the brink of extinction – almost lost altogether, a distant memory in the recesses of time – but was revived by a dedicated anthropologist in the Mapacho Valley in the 1990s.
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Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead

Quechua weaver and cat- a timeless tradition


Out with the old and in with the new?
For some, maybe. But at Threads of Peru, we are not trying to obliterate the old. Rather, we honor the idea that “tradition is the democracy of the dead.” It is through tradition that our ancestors continue to have a say in how the future of society unfolds. 
By incorporating the wisdom of the ancients into the present, we honor the life experiences, skills, and art of those who came before us.
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An Ancient Legend Meets Modern Times: The Eagle and the Condor

One of the intriguing aspects of Peru’s culture today is the way in which modern advances are being applied to ancient traditions in order to help the latter thrive. At Threads of Peru, we work with the weaving communities of the high Andes using online marketing tools and techniques to empower artisans to continue their traditional way of life. That is to say, we use advanced technologies in order to support the endurance of an ancient lifestyle exactly as it is, as untainted as possible by extraneous influences.

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