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Happy World Weaving Day!

Every day is a weaving day for Threads of Peru and even moreso for the weavers with whom we work in Rumira Sandormayo and Chaullaqocha. While walking, caring for their children and livestock or chatting with friends and family, their drop spindles are constant companions, “dancing” with brightly colored yarn and wool. But today we have the pleasure of joining in the celebration of “World Weaving Day,” one particularly special day when we are able to reflect on the beautiful tradition that we work to preserve.

According to fellow bloggers, this event began not many years ago in distant Australia, where a group of women joined their hands together to “weave help.” Their efforts were directed at providing warm clothing for low-income families. Soon after, they had the idea of inviting the global weaving and knitting community to join in their efforts and “World Weaving Day” was inaugurated. It is now celebrated worldwide, from Australia to our beloved Peru, with special efforts made on this day to draw attention to how small efforts can mean big changes for those who most need help. 

With this 100% organic, naturally dyed table runner woven by Master Weaver, Daniel Sonqo, your living area will certainly make a statement!

 With this 100% organic, naturally dyed table runner woven by Master Weaver, Daniel Sonqo, your living area will certainly make a statement!

As with those women whose ideas created a global movement, Threads of Peru is committed to providing support to Quechua weavers, whose skills fulfill both components of World Weaving Day. Not only do they weave, as our friends are doing around the world, but their weavings and the profits made by their sales circle back to ensure the well-being of their families and communities. Where are we in that equation?  We ensure that they have markets for their products. Particularly in a market dominated by the mentality of “cheaper is better,” we guarantee fair wages to them and fair prices for our customers.

In the spirit of World Weaving Day, we invite you to visit our newly launched website at or one of our online stores with Ebay and EcoMarket to browse our stunning variety of traditional Peruvian textiles. Think ahead for the upcoming winter and holiday season with an extra special gift, like a timeless scarf or table runner from our Master Weaver collection. Or treat yourself to a little piece of the Sacred Valley to carry with you everyday, such as one of our quickly disappearing change purses and pencil cases featured on our EcoMarket stall!

As with many other weaving or weaving-associated organizations with whom we are celebrating today, your purchase will directly benefit Quechua weavers in the Sacred Valley of Cusco whose talented hands have been weaving Peruvian culture for centuries. Happy World Weaving Day from all of us at Threads of Peru!