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The Moray Alpaca Shawl: Why WE LOVE IT!

Moray Alpaca Shawl

As winter months are fast approaching the oversized scarf remerges as a fall fashion essential. Naturally dyed with cochineal and hand woven by artisan Virginia Medina Mamani, the Moray Alpaca Shawl makes the perfect fall accessory.

Tanja, our stunning model didn’t want to take the Moray Shawl off during our latest Threads of Peru photo shoot. The delicately hand spun soft baby alpaca yarn makes you feel like you never even left the comfort of your bed. Oversized is the way to go this season. You can wrap this shawl a million ways and its guaranteed to keep you completely cozy.

Alpaca Shawl 

Shelayne, our current Threads of Peru Fashion Design Intern absolutely loves the Moray scarf. “The neutral greys make it easy to match, while magenta is a beautiful and refreshing pop of colour for a winter wardrobe.” The scarf is named after a stunning archeological site just west of the village of Maras. The Moray site shows incredible and stunning circular Incan archeological terraces.

Alpaca Shawl

When you buy from Threads of Peru your dollar directly supports indigenous artisans here in Peru and continues the tradition of ancient hand crafted techniques.

Where can I buy an Alpaca Shawl like this one?

Shop the look now: Moray Alpaca Shawl

Article by: Shelayne Mulholland