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lovely woven home decor ideas

Coco Chanel once said, “An interior is the natural projection of soul”.  Here at Threads of Peru we couldn’t agree more!  We hope that you are inspired by our Interiors Collection, which provides lovely woven home decor ideas.

A living space is an extension of one’s self, a representation of interest, values and personal esthetic. The Interiors Collection available at Threads of Peru has a variety of naturally dyed and beautifully hand woven pieces sure to enhance any home decor. We believe a home should be filled with colors. Each piece in the collection has its own unique story that is found in the weaving design (known as ‘pallay’ in local Quechua language.)   Not only is each piece a one of a kind, each one has a unique ability to enliven your special place with color and a touch of the Andes.  Our store is the perfect place to find exquisite woven home decor ideas, or even an exclusive fair trade gift:  bed spreads, pillows, cushions,  throws, blankets, runners and mantas!

lovely woven home decor ideas

The Mapacho Master Bedspread is a prized work of art in the Threads of Peru Interiors Collection. It is unbelievable the talent that goes into weaving each of the intricate “pallays” or patterns over every inch of the bedspread. The color work is elegant and meticulously executed.

lovely woven home decor ideas

Shelayne, our Threads of Peru design intern says, “It was a true honor to meet our master weaver Daniel Sonqo in Cusco. He had come to our office to deliver his latest artwork. You could tell as he pulled his  masterpiece out of his bag he was truly proud and excited to present us with this gorgeous weaving. It was in thae moment that I really felt a true understanding for the process of slow fashion. I hoped that the future owner of Daniel Sonqo’s work would appreciate and understand the hours of love and dedication that had been poured into this piece.”

lovely woven home decor ideas

The Mapacho Master Bedspread is an art piece with a traditional Andean story, a very special addition to any home decor.  Woven with 100% natural alpaca fibres and dyed with organic natural dyes, it is as though you have your very own treasure of the Cusqueñan Andean highlands captured in your own home.

Discover Daniel Sonqo’s story here.


Threads of Peru sells beautiful interior pieces that will be the perfect addition to your home, or that of a loved one this winter.

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Article by Shelayne Mulholland