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ROCF: Making a difference!

Making a difference

There are many examples of people who make change one step at time, by following their ideas and hearts and making a difference. Often their contribution is humble and done quietly, and yet has quite an impact on people’s lives.

Making a difference
Pictured here are Anne’s daughters Grace and Sophie, who came to help out at a church fair last year. They sold some of the bracelets to their friends.

This is the case of Anne Beck, who, with some friends, formed the Reach Out Children’s Fund to support children in high Andean villages.

Anne has sent funds for nearly 100children in Chupani and Chaullacocha to receive a nutritious breakfast during school since 2007 – a massive and consistent contribution to remote communities.

Anne also supports Threads of Peru by buying weavings and then selling them at local church fairs in Michigan.

This little girl purchased 3 of the small purses, one for her mom, grandma and for herself!
This little girl purchased 3 of the small purses, one for her mom, grandma and for herself!

Anne gives some background to what inspired her, ”My first trip to the villages was in 2000 with my father to bring some educational supplies while visiting Huilloc (as a side trip from Machu Picchu). I fell in love with the children and really respected the teachers of the school and started a friendship with several of them. The teachers reached out to me several times on supplementing the children’s dietary needs. So that is how the Reach Out Children’s Foundation was created in 2001.”

For Anne, some of the some of the highlights over the years include trips for the graduating 6 grade students to explore outside their villages on a bus and staying at hostels, constructing a 3 classroom building at Huilloc, providing a water purifying unit in the school at Huilloc, fish farm at Huilloc, a water holding tank for the preschool above Huilloc’s main school and the breakfast/lunch programs at the three villages over the years.

Thank you to Reach Out Children’s Foundation for your ongoing support!