Discover the living history of the Peruvian Andes!

Peru is an amazing country with a wealth of great archaeological sites, cultural actvities and restaurants – if you are like us, you are interested in the superb textile tradition with thousands of years of history, while also being relevant in modern day Peruvian culture. Threads of Peru collaborates with partner, Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists to offer a selection of specially designed tours to experience the real Peru.

Should you wish to visit Threads of Peru projects, there are a number of ways you can do this through travelling with Apus Peru. A portion of proceeds from these tours is donated to Threads of Peru for community projects. These tours support sustainable tourism in Peru and in rural villages.

onedaytour1 day Inca Traditions

Visit one of the villages that Threads of Peru works with, as well as local ruins. This is a specially designed one day “alternative” Sacred Valley tour, designed to get you well off the beaten track and to glimpse into another way of life.

We will visit the village of Rumira Sondormayo. The women will prepare a weaving demonstration and also give you the chance to buy their products. The trip includes Puma Marca, a little visited Sacred Valley ruin, and then a charming hike through beautiful countryside.

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machullama4 day Trek Lares & Machu Picchu

Visit a village where Threads of Peru works, and get insight into the lives of people who live in the remote Andes.

The route begins near Ollantaytambo and visits Chaullaocha. These are typical Andean villages dedicated to agriculture, livestock farming and weaving, where the people still wear their traditional dress. Finally, after visiting Chupani and Vilcabamba villages, we will descend to Lares for a dip in the Hot springs before heading back to Ollantaytambo. Here, we take the train to Machu Picchu, dedicating the last day to visiting the famous Inca citadel.

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family11 Day Family Tour

Designed with families in mind, this tour enables your family to learn more about Andean textile traditions and have lots of fun along the way! Activities have been selected to keep young people as active and involved as their parents, and our guides are hand picked as “kid friendly”. 

The journey begins in Lima, then you fly deep into the mountains, to the famed Inca city of Cusco. From there, you will find yourselves riding bicycles in the Sacred Valley, exploring villages, local celebrations and farmland along the way. Then you travel into the high Andes for a cultural immersion and perhaps a soccer match with children. You’ll take a train to Aguas Calientes, and then a bus way up, to Machu Picchu! You will finish your adventure with a river ride in the Amazon Jungle, where you’ll seek out the wild creatures of this awesome ecosystem.

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andeanculture14 day Andean Culture Tour

A fun and thought provoking trip, with an emphasis on understanding the different facets of Andean culture, especially, but not exclusively weaving.

This trip will take you from Lima, to the islands of Lake Titicaca, to remote mountain villages where weavers still tend their own flocks, shear the animals and spin the wool by hand.

You will culminate your trip by visiting the ruins of the ancient city, Machu Picchu. You may find yourself exploring Peru on foot, in a car, on a train, boat, airplane, and even on a bicycle.

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homestayThreads of Peru Homestays

Stay a night with a weaving family. Your homestay experience contributes to the local economy and improves rural development for local people. Homestay conditions are very basic.

Some people find this to be a challenging experience. Conditions can get extremely cold, there is no electricicity, no toilet, no shower. The rooms have dirt floors, and while they have been cleaned specially for your arrival, are still very simple. The families´first language is Quechua, but they do speak some Spanish. This is truly an authentic Andean experience.

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customCustom Designed Weaving Tour

As weaving is our passion, we are delighted to talk to you about your needs and interests and design a tour that specially focuses on the varied weaving traditions of Peru.

For weavers, or knitters, we can organise workshops where you can learn a little about Andean methods, and for those that love natural colours, we can organise for you a dyeing workshop with native plants. Our unique and specialised knowledge of Andean craft cooperatives mean that if you are more interested in fair trade handicrafts, or a look at the world of microfinance we have the experience to help you!

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